Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Introducing my new Canon camera

I wasn't completely happy with my little Sony CyberShot anymore or my Canon Digital Rebel for that matter, and wanted a new reliable camera for when the baby came.
One of the blogs I follow is Back Porch Musings by Pat from Missouri. She's quite the photographer! The cameras she uses are the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTI and the Canon G11. I have a predecessor to the Digital Rebel XTI, the trouble is my lenses are all for the 35mm Rebel and I realized I'm not getting the quality of a digital lens with my combination of camera and lenses. I wasn't sure I wanted to lug around a larger camera anyway, so instead of investing ~$900 on a new XTI, I opted for the Canon G11. It has both auto and manual settings, so I can use the auto for spur of the moment shots and fuss with the manual settings when I have the inclination and the time.
I was very pleased, and so was the MOB, with the photos I took at the wedding we attended last weekend with my new G11.
Here are a few shots I just took outside on the auto setting...

I think I made the right decision for my needs and my pocketbook.
Stay tuned for more photos of blog-able happenings here at
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  1. Those are beautiful! Looks like it's time to do a baby photo shoot ;)

  2. I have a new project that we need to do! We have a weekend getaway end of April for a wedding, and I was thinking about how cute it would be to make a tote bag for Nora. Thought of you immediately for Carter and wanted to pass the idea along. However, I have no idea how to get started yet. Off to Joann's today to look for a pattern.

  3. Oh, I'm so behind in my comments so I'm doing a condensed version. :) The baked goodies look wonderful. Love your new camera! I am still afraid to take mine off the auto mode but one of these days... Your wedding photos are fab! Love your collages as usual. :) xoxo


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