Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alex's 22nd B'day at the Lake

Last weekend was unseasonably warm for us in Atlanta, highs near 70 degrees, wow! We seized the opportunity to celebrate Alex's birthday out at the lake. (at the same time back in the big city our house was being re-roofed, so the lake was a much quieter location for us and the pups who like to bark at the worker-bees).
Kelly and Linc and the gran-pups joined us on Saturday. That evening, we took the pontoon boat over to the Ritz for dinner at Gaby's. We dined outside in front of a roaring fire. The temps were so pleasant and such a nice treat for Febuugly. We love the pontoon boat, especially b/c it's in the water all year round and enables us to do these spur of the moment jaunts.We boated back home for yummy cake imported from Whole Foods, a chocolate raspberry delight. Sunday, we all ventured out to the new movie theater, so the girls could see "He's just not that into you". Sooo cute, we all totally enjoyed it. A good smirking movie, with a little bit of drama at times. The guys saw a bang bang shoot um up movie geared more toward their liking. Alex had to head back to school after that. Hope you enjoyed your b'day weekend Alex! We love you!

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