Sunday, February 8, 2009

Soon, we'll be out numbered

It seems to be a Nathan family trait to have a soft spot for dogs!
Even or especially among the Massachusetts Nathans, who currently have 2 pups. Ollie and Erica. We, here in Atlanta, currently have 3 pups, a Maltese named Maddy and 2 Chihuahuas named Sharkey and Bailey. Kelly and Linc (Nathan now Hamilton) have 2 Jack Russells, Westin and Tessa. And now... there has been another addition to our doggie family! Kristin and Ryan (Nathan now Morgan) have adopted a "they think shepherd-husky mix" pup named Jax.
Best wishes to the newly parents!

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  1. Thanks for letting us bring the pups out to the lake this weekend! We had a great time and definitely needed that fresh air and relaxation time. Can't wait to do it again soon!! xoxox


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