Wednesday, February 18, 2009

so many dots...

Today is golf day, but a no-go with it raining buckets (great for my new shrubs though, 4 posts ago).
Don't worry, the Golf Gals will still have to meet, for lunch of course! Today is a special lunch as we celebrate a birthday for our beloved Dotti! What a great name and theme for a party! All the gals are bringing something "dot", easily found at any shop or store.
I went to my fave store, Hobby Lobby, and put together a b'day visor (not really needed in the rain today, but fun just the same), and colored some signature golf balls for her then put them in a polka dotted pail!
We'll decorate with... dots of course!

dot napkins and spreaders, koozies, wine glasses and bottles, note papers, golf socks, key fobs, candy and pillows, it's a world full of dots for our gal pal Dotti!

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  1. I love that wine glass! You guys did a great job. I can't wait til it's your birthday and the theme is "Sandy" hahaha ;)


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