Thursday, August 6, 2009

I'm so excited!

okay... if you didn't read my last post you may not know that
I'm going to be a grandmother!

A little golf gal or guy, how sweet, I can't wait!

this could be my grandson when he's ready to start golf lessons

and I could get him these soft shoes for his first shoes...

or, if he is a she I'll have to get her these...

so soft and cozy and cute in pink!
available at Designer Golf Gifts


  1. That is wonderful news for you! Congratulations and how fun! I remember how I excited my Mom was telling everyone. You are entering a such a beautiful phase of your life. Those golfballs are a hoot! Love the shoes

  2. They will definitely have to have the cutest everything ever!! How fun!!

  3. Can I have a pair of those?! They are so adorable!!

  4. CONGRATS! Love the golf balls and golf shoes. I'm a tiny bit concerned about the possibly "one piece" golf outfit. :o)

    How about a cute little golf dress for a she?

  5. OMIGOSH! I'm so excited for you! Everyone I know that has grandbabies is having a ball with them! Can you just hardly wait to buy that first set of clubs? I have no doubts that child will be a golfer, LOL! Congratulations Grandmom!

  6. Congratulations!! That is so exciting ~~~

  7. I looove the argyle sweayer, where did you find it?


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