Tuesday, August 11, 2009

scenes from Sunday

Our course renovation is just about finished and playing golf is once again "a beautiful walk with nature". We are fortunate that the drought is over for now and Mother Nature has been kind enough to water in our newly replaced sod.

Between a week of Dr. appointments, and helping my teacher-daughter with school pre-planning... I hadn't played in 2 weeks!
Boy were my fairway shots rusty, ugh! and I was just getting the hang of my 3 wood before this long break. At least my putting was on that day, hooray!
I'll be out again on Wednesday for Gal Pal golf...
and even though it's stinkin' hot... I can't wait!


  1. GORGEOUS fairways!! {fairways, right?? not so up on golf terms} -- either way! The landscaping is beautiful!!

  2. SO glad you came to help me!! I definitely have the best room all thanks to you ;)


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