Thursday, August 27, 2009

Happy 80th

We're headed to Hilton Head Island this weekend to celebrate my Mom's 80th birthday! She says she doesn't feel 80 and she doesn't know who that wrinkled woman is looking back at her from the mirror. She plays tennis 3 times a week and is in all around good shape, thank goodness!
All her kids and most of her grandkids will be there with us at some point during the week to celebrate. We'll go to the beach, ride bikes, play tennis, golf, and beach bocce ball (a family favorite), cook together and even sing karaoke! I had these koozies made to add a bit of festivity to the occasion!

And... as her gift, we are all updating our family portraits that hang on her guestroom wall. Some of her pictures go back to our weddings, and others to when the kids were just little.
My family will give her this shot, from my daughter's wedding this past October.
There's Jane... surrounded by all of us.

Happy birthday Mom! We're all looking forward to a fun filled week with you!


  1. Congratulations!! You won...
    Send me a message when you get back from Hilton Head...
    Your family is beautiful!

    xo Laura

  2. Hey! Check your email. I sent you details about your Gift Certificate from The Paper Cottage and what to do to redeem it, etc.! Hope you had fun! xoxo


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