Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Adding color to the outdoors...

It was a beautiful weekend here at Lake Oconee, and if the pollen doesn't bother you too much, a great weekend to be outside gardening. While the Hubs was powerwashing and tending to some rotten boards on the waverunner lift, GradGirl and I planted our seasonal pots.
We ripped out the dead annuals from last year and planted new ones.
My always reliable and easy to grow standby Begonias, and some Pansies, Dusty Miller, and a few new other varieties that we're giving a go.
Yes, pigs do have wings!

Our new $8 colorful Caribbean pots from Home Depot.

And our new $16 colorful Caribbean chairs that are actually quite comfy!

"Rusty" the flower pup.
Please Rusty... make sure the critters leave my plants alone and don't eat them for breakfast!

And while were we all outside working,
some of us were relaxing, ie. Bailey the napping pup.

Like my new throw pillows for the rockers from Target?


  1. Thanks for linking up to my blog roll!! Sorry it's taken me so long to stop by and say thanks. Busy busy!

    I love those pots. I really need to get out of my boring black and white rut. Splashes of color make the world so much cauter!

  2. Hi Sandy -
    I love seeing pops of color all over inside and out. Rusty the flower pup is pretty darn cute. I think I need him on my deck. Did you figure out what color you are going to paint your house yet? I am not sure if I wrote this before, but everytime I see your header it reminds me of the first gift my husband ever gave me. It was after we first met and it was my B-day. He is major into golf and gave me a full set of golf clubs, when I didn't get too excited, he got me cute club covers, then pink balls, and a pink Izod skirt. I never took to the game, but he tried. I am happily living the golf widow life with no complaints. He is actually at a charity golf function all day today.

  3. I love the pots and new chairs! It looks like you had a great weekend!

  4. I love your dog! We have a dog planter at our greenhouse too. They are selling like hot cakes :) I posted about them here


  5. I love potted plants, especially is fun colored pots....great colors.
    Happy Spring

  6. Visiting from Inspired Room - Just read an article quoting designer Kenneth Brown's 10 must have items for spring. He said bright turquoise pots for the outside is definitely a must have! Good for you - love them with the chairs.
    Terrie @ Your Decorating Hotline.com

  7. Hey,
    I saw your post on Sumo's Sweet Stuff and thought I'd drop by! Now I'm a follower too. Cute blog, beautiful pictures! I love the idea of a blue coastal house!


  8. I saw some chairs like that and wondered how to use them. Everything looks beautiful. I'm inspired...yet again.


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