Sunday, April 18, 2010

time to repaint so why not add color!

Our lake house is taupe with white trim and is in need of exterior painting. I like the taupe... but since we have to go to all the trouble to stain/paint it, I want to jazz it up a bit. I've been thinking some shade of aqua, like a house I'd seen in Coastal Living Magazine. I had already painted our wrought iron furniture out there a royal blue last year when the color bug struck me, and want it all to coordinate.
I painted a few color samples on the siding this afternoon... what do you think?
#5 is the current taupe. #3 is a gray blue that's already been ruled out, my neighbor across the street has that shade.
I would still do the trim white if I choose one of these crazy Caribbean colors.
Or... I could stain/paint the house white and add the royal blue color to the shutters that are currently black. But we do already have miles of white deck railing. So... maybe paint the house yellow? That goes great with royal blue too!
Just an FYI, I read somewhere recently that yellow houses sell faster.
What to do???


  1. I was going to vote for #3 until I read it had been ruled out. My next vote is paint the house yellow and make the shutters blue to match the furniture!!

    PS- sells faster?! Why would we do that?

  2. So funny...I was about to say the exact same thing Kelly said. I love #3, but I guess it has to be ruled out. So, then I also would vote for yellow! The lake house is beautiful...I had never seen pictures of it!

  3. that's funny, i wouldn't have picked #3 anyway! i like either #2 or #4 - i like the idea of a carribean blue and think it would like nice with the white trim. if you really want it to be carribean coastal, why not hot pink?! ;-) i wouldn't mind the yellow either - it might blend nicer into the woods there. so many choices!!

  4. I have always loved yellow houses but a Caribbean blue could be fun.

  5. Yikes! What to do, what to gut says, play it's not an easy re-do!! I'll vote for 4.

  6. I have to say yellow! I would buy a yellow house...It is warm and reminds me of Souther France and Sunflowers.....
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  7. If the choices are the numbers 1-5... I pick 3. :) I love picking paint colors, and had to stop by from Friend friday when I saw your link info. lol. Good luck!

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    I love number 1 or 2! It's so nice to see houses that are painted bright and cheery colors - I get so sick of seeing beige, beige, beige everywhere! Good luck. :)

  9. I'll have to vote #4 but I do like the yellow idea too.

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  11. I like #1 or #2 - definitely gives it the pop of color that you're looking for! I'm visiting you from the Girl Creative! Happy New Friend Friday :)

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