Thursday, April 29, 2010

wow... a whirlwind week

We left Atlanta on Monday to go to Savannah to look for a place for GradGirl to live. She has a new job and will be relocating asap, as in next weekend! Wow! Monday we arrived in Savannah and drove around the city to quite a few craigslist listings, but the city being what it is, good areas and sketchy areas, she decided on a condo in the burbs. We've signed the lease papers and took notes on what she needs, and are now back home... already packing. This coming week will involve repainting a dresser, making an upholstered headboard, shopping for odds and ends, calling utility companies, and packing.

It's a good distraction for me too, as I've been making Doctor appointments, booking flights to Boston, faxing papers and arranging for pathology to be sent, and moving on with my own needs. So much going on...

I do love setting up a new place! Interior decorating has always been a love of mine. I wanted to go to school for design, but my Dad talked me into biology. Yeah, wow, quite the difference, I know. But no regrets because I actually worked in Pathology as a Cytotechnologist and know what I am reading when I get my path reports back. I'm in the know. That's why I burst into tears when I read my own first pathology report 3 years ago, when I was initially diagnosed with the evil C.

Design is a hobby of mine, and always will be. So next weekend we'll be putting all the pieces together on GradGirl's first big girl condo, making it "her" and making it comfortable, her new home. I'll keep you posted on our projects.


  1. I loved helping my daughter decorate her first place! It's such fun!! Feel a big hug and lots of prayers coming your way. xoxo

  2. I know you'll be sad to see her go, but what a fun phase of life. Enjoy decorating! You always do such a wonderful job.

  3. What a good distraction. You obviously have a gift.

    I'm thinking of you often. Sending prayers too. :o)

  4. Have a fun time decorating - what an opportune time to keep your mind off "things."


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