Thursday, April 8, 2010

Golf Gal or Biker Chick?

I had to do a golf post in honor of Master's week, right?!
Bad to the ball

I do love argyle!

It's all about attitude!

Skulls are not really my style,
but I could see smacking that bad ball around...
it's such a pretty shade of pink!

Or how about hittin' these colorful balls from PunkRockz
...wouldn't they stand out on the course?!
I don't think we'll see these at the Masters!


  1. That's great. Thanks for sharing!
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  2. I love the balls, but alas, skulls are not my thing either.

    I can't believe we're sitting at home watching the Masters instead of out playing in our gorgeous 86 degree weather. We couldn't get an early tee time so hubby wouldn't play. (I think he's missed Tiger a bit, lol.)

  3. I think the contrast of golf and skulls is kind of fun. However, I don't think the skull thing is for me.

  4. Hooray for Phil! He played great and is the 2010 Master's Champion!


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