Friday, February 18, 2011

from carpet and pickled to stained white oak

Our house was built in 1990. For that very brief period of time, 1989-1990, pickled wood was being used. I can't even claim it was "in" because there really wasn't that much of it done. But... if you were one of the unlucky homeowners to inherit it, I'm sure by now you're ready to get rid of it. I know I was! The quote I got to re-do the posts and railings was more expensive than replacing them. So we opted to start fresh with all new wood.
Here's the carpeted before:
Fresh new white oak steps and railings:
Stained with first coat of polyurethane:
They're here this morning sanding, painting the risers my trim color, and putting a second coat of poly on. The house is still a complete mess on the entire main level. The only project that's completely finished at this point is the foyer floor. The painters are making progress, and the carpenter will be back on Monday to do the crown in the kitchen and finish up his work. Tuesday is the start of the back-splash, and the install of the balusters.
The days are growing longer as I'm held up in my bedroom, to stay out of the way. I give it all through next Friday, and then I should have my house back! Please!!! :-)


  1. The stairs looks great!! We're not even going to recognize the house next time we come over!

  2. Beautiful! Cannot wait to see the final reveal ;-) xoxo

  3. Everything is looking great! I know you will be glad when it is all finished and you are in a "new" home. Can't wait to see it!


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