Wednesday, February 16, 2011

home renovation projects update: week 3

On Tuesday the granite was installed. They put my stove-top in and the new sink. The plumbing isn't done though, nor is the electrical hooked up for the stove-top. My oven works though, and I heated up pizza in it last night, woo-hoo!
Everything is so dusty, I can't wait to clean!
Here's the backsplash tile we chose for the wine bar, Pantheon Random Nova Roma. We went a bit crazy here since it's such a small area. The colors in the granite are also in the different tiles, so it should coordinate very well.
Here's the calmer backsplash tile for the rest of the kitchen, Crema Nova 1x2 Brick Polished. It's a mini subway tile that goes well in color to both the granite and my limestone floor.
That should be in and done early next week, carrying into our fourth week of renovations.
I've also had someone working on the stairway since last Thursday.
We had already cut the balusters out.
Here's the before with our pickled posts and railing and the carpet edges showing a bit dirty.
Thursday he ripped up the carpet and installed white oak steps. Friday, Monday and Tuesday he installed the new posts and railings. It dragged on a day longer because he had made a few mis-cuts and needed more wood.
Remember... always measure 3 times and cut once!
Today, the railings and steps are being stained, a mixed color of 1/3 Minwax English Chestnut and 2/3 Special Walnut.
At the same time my painter Danny has been here since Monday working around everyone else, caulking, trimming out, painting ceilings, God bless him!

There have been a few days I've felt a bit crazy/anxious with no place to go in my own house. Friday was one, when there were 4 crews all working at the same time. Today is another, I'm in my bedroom with all the stuff from the shelves and walls laying all around me, with the 3 dogs barking every so often at the noises. I breathe in wood and spackle dust and it occasionally burns my eyes. But... so far I love everything we're doing. I love the finished foyer floor and the paint color we've chosen, Martha Stewart Tobacco Leaf. I love the granite, the cabinets and the wood steps.
So I guess it will all be worth it in the end when it's clean and organized and we can get back to living in our house! I can't wait for that day!


  1. W-O-W!! Love all the finishes you've picked and so excited to see it all come together when we're up in a couple weeks. Deep breath (but not too deep with all that dust) - it will all be done soon and so worth it!

  2. It is going to be SO WORTH IT!! Gorgeous choices you made, you decorator you! :-) xoxo

  3. Beautiful! I love the choices that you made. It WILL be all worth it and you will forget the frustration when it is all done (like childbirth). Hang in there!


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