Thursday, February 3, 2011

Now, use your imagination...

Our recent home improvement renovations include re-tiling the foyer. I think it's a must have project since I already had them rip out the old tile!
I like this type of pattern
Ours won't be quite as busy though. We're doing a border of 6x18 granite rectangles and then a 2nd border out of my limestone tiles , cut to 4x18 rectangles. We're incorporating 8 4x4 squares into our pattern, keeping it more in the middle.
In the picture below, imagine the wood area as my limestone tile, with a double border like this (the inner border the limestone tile again), with the brown accent tiles and that's what we're planning.
I'm so glad I found this picture!
Here are the tiles I've chosen:
I'm trying to keep it natural to go with our existing limestone so we're incorporating similar colors and a brown porcelain tile to accent the brown flecks in the granite.
You do need imagination and vision... can you see it?


  1. I like your combination!! Cannot wait to see the final reveal ;-) xoxo

  2. Hmm...can't picture it but I'll see it on person soon enough =)

  3. Love the tiles. I would have probably chosen the same ones. The look is quite fabulous!

  4. This is a great idea! Love your choices, as always. :) Your workers got so much done in 2 days too. Wow!


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