Wednesday, February 2, 2011

kitchen progress, day 2

They finished taking everything, appliances, cabinets and countertops,
out of the kitchen on Day 1 and here is how it looked:
The previous owners put in the new limestone floor over the existing floor and up to but not under the cabinets, as you can see. That's why we had to keep the same footprint.
Day 2 they put up this "knee wall" as a support for the breakfast bar. It will be covered in cabinet veneerer and look like part of the cabinetry.
And now for the messy part...
I've disliked my foyer tiles since day one 9 years ago. When tiling the rest of the house, they left the original marble tiles in the foyer. I hated the color and I hated the metal strip where the two tiles met. So... be gone ugly tile!
This little job left a fine layer of dust over everything. I had covered all the upholstered furniture and closed all the bedroom doors, so those rooms are okay. But the living room, dining room, kitchen and keeping room all got snowed on. I vacuumed the floors, and maybe I'll dust today just to keep up with it, but I'm sure tomorrow will bring another "dust storm".
We have 12 tiles from the existing limestone to incorporate into the foyer, not enough, so I found this granite tile to coordinate:
We're working on a design. I was working on it with graph paper and little squares I cut out when it dawned on me my designer must have a computer program to do it! That's a bit easier, right?! I want to incorporate the limestone so the foyer looks like we did it on purpose, and not an afterthought. I'll keep you posted!


  1. What an improvement already!!! Now if only you could replace that front door...hahaha Dad is going to kill me! ;)

  2. the kitchen demo seems so neat! they did a nice job taking it all out. the foyer...well, at least the messiest part is over? maybe?
    keep us posted on the progress!

    ps - what's wrong with that door? i like it!

  3. This is so much fun to watch your reno! Love your ideas. xoxo

  4. One project just snowballs into the other, right? This is what stops me from starting many home projects. I need you out here!!! :)


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