Saturday, September 26, 2009

beautiful weather ahead...

I golfed yesterday... 27 holes! 9 in the morning with 3 other Gal Pals of mine, and 18 in the afternoon with my husband. And... it was cart path only so you know I got my exercise! No record braking scores but no blow ups either. I started with a par and chipped in on the 2nd for a bogey. I was rather consistent. I had finally taken that lesson on chipping and I'm happy to say, the four times I found myself in a sand trap, I was out in one! Thanks Chip (our Pros name, funny huh)!
Fall arrived this week, although the temperatures and humidity here in Atlanta didn't know that. But tomorrow, after this rainy Saturday, a cold front is coming in. Hooray! Sunshine to dry out the flood soaked ground and cooler temps to play golf. I can't wait!
Fall is my favorite time of the year!


  1. 27 holes, I love it! Enjoy. I do love this time of year, but hate what comes next in OHIO!


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