Wednesday, October 14, 2009

a home improvement discovery!

I love beadboard, or beaded board as it's called. I have it on several walls in my house and my lake house. We added it to the back hallway off the kitchen, we have it on the ceiling of our bonus room, I've even made a headboard out of it. Well... I was so pleasantly surprised to find out that there is a more affordable, flexible and non-wood alternative... paintable beadboard wallpaper!
I was amazed at the projects the ladies participating in Southern Hospitality's BeadBoard Wallpaper Party accomplished! Go over and get inspired...

The pros vs. real wood beadboard:
1. it's less expensive $21.96 per roll (56 sq ft) vs. $32 per 4' x 8' wood sheet (32 sq ft)
2. it's thinner so you can add it to a wall and the baseboard molding will still fit
3. it's easier to cut, no saws needed
4. it won't warp

all in all a great alternative, available at Home Depot. Now... where can I put it???


  1. umm....the new guest room?! that would be perfect!!!

  2. is it raised like regular bead board wood? or just an image on the paper?

  3. It's raised and indented like the photo above, looks real doesn't it?

  4. Okay, tell me what a bonus room is?

    It sucks to be 60; other than incredible wealth, extreme good looks and a great family. I often forget all of the above...


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