Sunday, October 11, 2009

President's Cup 2009

As of this morning, the Americans were up 12.5 to 9.5 in scoring. But... what about the important stuff... the golf fashion! Who's your vote for best-dressed team?
Here is a day by day recap of the Americans vs. the Internationals...

Day 1 Thursday

American uniform of the day: red sweaters, white shirts and gray pinstripe pants
Internationals: black vests or sweaters with an argyle patterned shirt and light gray pants

here they are head to head
... what's your vote?

Day 2 Friday

Americans: navy stripe shirts and white vests with navy pants
Internationals: blue argyle shirts and khaki vests with khaki pants

Day 3 Saturday

Americans: navy shirts, gray argyle sweaters with gray pants

Internationals: black & white shirts, white sweaters with black pants

Day 4 Sunday

Americans: red & white stripe shirts, navy vests or sweaters with navy pants


Internationals: yellow shirts, dark gray sweaters w/a yellow & blue argyle design with gray pants

At the end of the 4 day long match... the Americans won scoring 19.5 t0 14.5! But... the big question is...who wins the fashion contest? What was your fave fashion of the match?

American apparel sponsors: Ashworth and Elevee Golf

International apparel sponsor: the Greg Norman Collection (of course!)


  1. I have to go with the internationals for day two. I really like the blue argyle shirts and khaki vests with khaki pants. Super stylish!

  2. I'm with the Internationals all the way. LOVE the argyle. Let's just say I think the Internationals had a huge advantage on this one with the smart designs of Greg Norma.

  3. Wasn't it great this year? We stayed glued to different TV's because hubby kept switching back & forth to football, LOL!

    Honestly, I thought the mens' fashions were outstanding this year! However, on Sunday, I didn't care for Tiger in those navy pants. I do believe he has too much *junk in his trunk* for those pants... Otherwise, everyone looked VERY GQ.

  4. Weren't the clothes awesome! They should make argyle a required part of the dress code everywhere! LOL. I love the way you presented it too.


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