Friday, October 16, 2009

a year ago...

Last year this week we were in Hilton Head celebrating the festivities leading up to my daughter's wedding. It was the best of times... when all the family, extended family and close friends were all together. We all truly enjoy each other and had a blast!
We had a beautiful sunny day for our Beach Olympics as you can see from these photos. The highlight was the "sponge relay" where we had to run down to the ocean, fill the sponge with water, run it back and squeeze the water into a cup, first team to fill it and dislodge a ping pong ball out the top was the winner. We had 3 teams and everyone gave it their all! We also had several rounds of beach bocce, water balloon toss and this ball on a string toss... what's it called game?

The Blue team, the Aqua team and the Yellow team...

all winners that day with good times as the prize!

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  1. Congratulations to your daughter & her hubby! It looks like it was truly a fun-filled weekend.

    So, they made it through the toughest year. Woot!


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