Tuesday, October 26, 2010

creating memories

I have really enjoyed getting back into sewing and the fun things you can create. My latest project is the costume I made for Carter's first Halloween... here's the almost finished progress:
and here it is with the cuffs and legs finished:
and on my cute baby model:
He loves having a tail!
That was the "fitting" and it fit perfectly. I did end up tweaking the hat with a bit more "mane" to make it more lion-like. Besides the trim, I added two strips of fur loops that I made out of the furry fabric I had used for the tummy.
Now he really looks like a lion cub, right?!
Carter modeled the hat at Gymboree class today. It's way too hot in there though to wear the entire costume. He'll debut it all Thursday at his playgroup Halloween party!
The best part is he didn't even mind wearing it!
I can't wait to see him all dressed up on Thursday, maybe even with a bit of face paint?!

I loved expressing my creativity and making it for him!
And... I love that I'm a part of his first Halloween memories!


  1. You did an amazing job!! Thank you thank you thank you!! Baby C loves it =)

  2. Is he not just the most precious little Lion King that ever lived? That costume is as adorable as it is amazing. Like I've said before, you have such incredible talents....


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