Thursday, October 14, 2010

fun times...

golf, tennis, more golf, and babysitting my sweet grandson... what could be more fun! My partner and I won our ALTA match today (we are undefeated so far this season), and our team took 3 points against the first place team! Golf Wednesday was not a stellar round for me, but golf does have it's ups and downs for sure. Somehow... we keep comin' back to the challenge! There's a 9 hole championship tournament at our Club tomorrow and Saturday that I'm participating in. I wanted to see how I would be under the "pressure". And... Sunday, we have our couples GalPal and Guys 2010 Tournament, always a good time. A golf filled weekend.
But tonight I got to babysit Carter. He is so much fun! I love his sweet baby smiles, and his sweet baby talk, and just everything about him! Grandchildren are all what they say they are!
I have no photos of golf or tennis, but I have plenty of pictures of Carter... so here, enjoy the cuteness!


  1. What a cutie! You are one blessed grandma. Have fun playing golf. It should be the perfect fall weekend!

  2. What funny faces!! He is such a little ham ;)

  3. Good Luck in all your golf pursuits this weekend. But really - you've already won the best little, trophy yet - Carter ;-) xoxo

  4. You are so right P101!
    I came in 3rd for golf... good play the first day and not so good play the next, but that's golf for you. It all comes down to the putting!

  5. So true about golf. What separates the pros from the hacks is putting, putting, and putting.

    As an unbiased e-friend, Carter is really gifted in the cute department. I can almost hear him giggle in those photos.

  6. Carter is so absolutely adorable that I wish I could squeeze & hug him myself! You are blessed there, my friend.

    Congrats on your *showing* in the tournament and you looked adorable in the knee socks! Golf on...


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