Tuesday, October 12, 2010

stress is exhausting... isn't it?!

I keep very busy. I was especially busy last week into this week, mostly doing the things I like to do. I even managed to ward off the typical "scanxiety" I get every 3 months before my impending CT scan. My loving family, beautiful weather and good golf helped that tremendously!

Yesterday's test was actually better than my usual because they were just doing my chest and not a pelvic too, so I didn't have to drink the 2 "yummy vanilla" Barium shakes. The benefit was: no havoc reeked on my digestive system. Thank.you. I did have a mammogram too though, which for me is always a long drawn out thing. In a second time to the machine to get squished, a sonogram thrown in just to be sure, and only 1.5 hours for all that. Makes the half hour CT scan seem like a breeze!

I got the results this afternoon. The lung nodule that we are watching is still growing, and is now up to 12.5mm (consistent growth of ~ 2mm every 3 months). But the good news is... there are no new ones to worry about. I am sooo relieved about that. I know sooner or later that I'll have to have lung surgery to take out the one that's growing, but for now, I think the doctors will say "watch and wait" like we've been doing. I see my Oncologist on Friday.

the battle wounds when they can't find your vein

So... ahhh. A good cry and a release of emotion to get it all out.
No more stress! I'm riding on the good news!


  1. Ouch!!! Poor momma. You should have just done it yourself! We will watch and wait and trust in God. He won't give you more than you can handle. I love you xoxoxo

  2. Thinking about you friend. And I'm glad you got some good news. xoxo

  3. You have the attitude of a survivor, my dear! On another note, I always get bruised from the blood tests because they never can find my veins. That's their fault. Not mine! Ice, ice, Baby! (Not that it helps me.) You continue to be in my prayers...

  4. I hate those bruises!

    I am so glad you're keeping the scanxiety at bay. I am thinking of you often and keep up with you through Kelly. Bless you, Sandy!

  5. I can never slip a visit to the Dr. by my family because the bruises give me away. I am glad that you got some "good" news... It all becomes relative, doesn't it? As for the good cry, that is essential, I believe, to healing. I have also come to think of tears as liquid prayers. And you are in mine.

  6. My Oncologist wants me to make an appointment to see the surgeon. I may not be "waiting" anymore. To be continued...

  7. You are so strong. You truly inspire me!

    I hate my bulging veins, but maybe they're actually a blessing. They give me away when I'm gripping my golf club too tight, but nurses love me.

    Prayers & Hugs!

  8. We are also in the throes of a scanxiety that is nowhere near the routine check we had planned. I'll be following your "to be continued ..." and keep you as always, my friend, in my heart and my prayers.


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