Sunday, October 10, 2010

I love this game!

Of Golf! Somehow, I made it through the summer heatwave of "schwetty" golf, where we'd come in after just nine all damp and glowing. This summer was sooo hot, hard on the players and the course, they had to close all the greens in August so the grass could recuperate.
But... It was all worth it... now we're being rewarded with perfect green grass, beautiful sunny skies and warmer than normal fall weather. Great golf weather.
I've wanted to break 100 for awhile now and had given myself until the end of the year to make it happen. This week! I shot my two best rounds ever. I shot a 98 on Friday!
When you have a goal, it's always on your mind. When we started play on Friday the first two holes were not my best, so I said to myself... "your best will just happen, you can't plan for it". So I relaxed and enjoyed the company of friends and just played. When we added up the scores, I was a bit shocked, I hadn't been keeping track. But, my chipping was dead-on and my putting good too. It's definitely the short game in golf that determines your best score.
Today I golfed the front nine with hubby and friends and the back nine with just hubby. My front 9 was another PB, a 44! Yikes! 5,5,5,3,5,6,5,4,6 = 44.

This time my putting was the ringer! I was making 10-15' putts! But then the back nine started badly, and I lost a bit of energy and ended up with a 52. But still, a total of 96 for 18!
Maybe... just maybe, I've finally become "a golfer". Wow... let's see if I can keep this up! (fingers crossed xxxxx). It's definitely a challenge and it keeps you coming back!

a great distraction too!
helps me to forget about my 3 month scan tomorrow


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on breaking 100!! That's my goal too... maybe next year. =)

  2. That's amazing! So few golfers ever break 100. You are part of an elite group.

    I agree that it's short game that makes up those "best rounds." It sounds like you are an incredible putter. WHOO HOO!

    Keep it up. Pretty soon you'll be breaking 90 too. 96 is awfully close ;o)

    I'm rooting for you on and off the course.

  3. BTW I ordered my brother SE-400 yesterday. SOOO excited. Maybe I'll survive the winter yet. Can't wait to make some new golf skort patterns.

  4. Congratulations! Maybe you can give my husband a few pointers. hahaha
    Now the only thing better will be news that you had a clean and perfect 3 month scan!
    Sending you hugs and lots of prayers!!!

  5. You and I would be such great golf partners! I don't mean we'd win anything, but we play much the same way, lol.


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