Sunday, October 24, 2010

when the girls were little...

... I would always make their Halloween costumes. Three little girls and countless Halloweens equals a lot of costumes. Some that stand out to me are... Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, a pink poodle, robot, mummy, stuffed pumpkin, clown, ballerina, space girl, a Christmas tree all decorated, Santa's Elf and a boxed gift Package (sister costumes). So fun!
Well, with this being Carter's first Halloween I just had to make his costume. His Momma chose a lion, so a lion costume I'm making! Before I totally finish all the details though, I want to do a fitting tomorrow. Then, all it needs is elastic and Velcro.
This is how I started... I didn't have a lion pattern (because... I waited for the patterns to be 99 cents and the lion was sold out. So... I adapted a mouse pattern with smaller ears, a tuft on the tail and added a mane). I found some trim on mega-sale for the mane!
I may add some longer loops on the back of that mane,
I just want to see it on a cute little head first!
Baby C will have a fitting tomorrow...
so stay tuned for more photos and the cuteness that follows!



  1. Oh how cute! You did a great job. I always made my kid's costumes as well. Such a fun holiday!
    Good luck with the fitting....I am sure that both Mom and Baby will love it!

  2. Wow!!! You got a lot done yesterday! We can't wait to see it! Great job momma!

  3. Oh I love it, I wish I could sew but that's doesn't seem to be in my dna lol. Would love for you to link up with All About You Monday and show them off!

  4. Just too cute! If I lived close to you I would beg you for sewing lessons. Can't wait to see the little man roar.

  5. Too cute! It is something the girls will remember forever.. Their mom taking the time to make their costumes. It is great and awesome


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