Friday, November 12, 2010

It's all coming together... we're making decisions on our new kitchen

Here's the main prep area of my current kitchen:

Cute yes, but the white cabinetry is showing wear and needs a re-painting. Because the cabinets are 20 years old and not as functional as I'd like, we decided to replace them with new. The same layout, but stained cabinetry to add the warmth of wood, with granite counter tops.

We've chosen the middle stain: Spiced Cider w/ black glaze.

The cabinet tops will be trimmed out with cove molding like this:
This photo is similar to the door style, the color scheme of the wood stain and the granite color with my tiled floor:
And... we're doing a wine bar area similar to this, but with the fridge in the middle and no ice maker or sink. It will be in a coordinating glazed cabinetry. We've chosen the sample "Linen" below.
Here's the granite I fell in love with:
Here it is with the back-splash tile I like:
I'm thinking we'll do this tile by itself for the wine bar, and then add a coordinating marble subway tile above it in the kitchen prep area.

It's all coming together and I love everything we're choosing! My designer has been very patient with me as I add things and take things away. Tweaking, tweaking! We'll get it finalized and ordered next week, and then wait for January for the demolition and install.

It's been a great distraction and has helped keep my mind off my impending VATS surgery that's too quickly approaching on December 2nd.
This is turning out to be a very busy November/December... HHI for Thanksgiving, GradGirl moving back home, surgery and a new kitchen... oh and of course the usual holiday hub-bub of decorating and shopping for Christmas! Yikes, thank goodness for the internet and mail order!


  1. How exciting! And with your presh grandbaby for Christmas. How wonderful!! Thinking about you friend in the anxious days ahead. Xoxo

  2. We redid our kitchen a few years ago and it make a HUGE difference. We also took down a wall, so it was kind of a big project, but well worth it.

    I love your choices, especially the granite. It's gorgeous.

    Good distractions. :o)

  3. You should call my dad for the granite in your kitchen since he owns a fabrication company.

    Love the granite you chose!


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