Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My favorite Christmas cards

My favorite Christmas cards to send and receive are photo cards! I always send out photo cards and I've been using Shutterfly for as long as I can remember. They offer a great variety of designs, a vast choice of layouts, and have good heavy paper quality, flat or folded cards. Shutterfly is my choice because the site is so user friendly. I can add my photos to the actual card, adjust, crop and see the finished product before ordering. It's so easy!
Here is our last year's card from 2009:The family had all recently been to my niece's Halloween wedding and I loved using a formal and fun photo together on the same card. After all, family times are the best times, right?!

I've already been on the Shutterfly website to preview shop for my 2010 card. I'm just waiting for my perfect family photo! Below are a few of my favorite cards. You can find the entire selection by clicking here!
You can also order the return address labels they offer to match your cards. This year I'm thinking I'll order their personalized gift tags too!
My family has a tradition of printing a calendar for the upcoming year with our important dates and photos on it. Yes... we order it too on Shutterfly!
And... they always have great customer service. They offer specials on photo prints and photo products every month. Right now, for Bloggers, if you write a post on your blog like I've done, you can get 50 free holiday cards of your choice!

I'm heading over to the site now to start on my 2010 card... hope to see you there!
Happy Holidays!


  1. If your card doesn't have the new grandbabe on it, I will go into temporary shock. Xoxoxo

  2. I got my code for the 50 free cards! Yes!!! Now, I just need the family photo to put on it. Hopefully I'll get that at Thanksgiving, next week.


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