Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What pies are you baking for Thanksgiving?

At our house ... It's always Pumpkin pie and Apple pie. Last year I bought Williams-Sonoma Piecrust cutters to decorate our pastry. I like the leaf cutter, a perfect fall favorite.
Pumpkin pie trimmed on the edges
Apple pie embellished on top
Both delicious and ready for dessert...
would you like ice cream or whipped cream with that?

getting ready


  1. My husband loves pumpkin pie - but my 14 year old is now into making Pumpkin Cheesecake (which is delicious!) I think it is a paula deen recipe.

  2. Whipped cream with the pumpkin - a favorite - and ice cream with the apple. Nicely done!

    PS I checked at Locust Valley Chemists & the golf key fob was already sold out, but he is going to reorder & I will be glad to send one to you if you would still like one. And speaking of golf, I love the header.


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