Monday, January 31, 2011

it's Demo Day!

The cabinets are all cleaned out and ready to come down. The kitchen actually looks good in these photos, and you might be thinking "why are they getting rid of those?" Well, the paint is tired and chipping here and there, especially on the trimmed edge. The openings of the cabinets are 12" wide between the slats, so it's very difficult to get things in and out. The shelves are not adjustable, anywhere. The granite tile countertop is okay, a few areas of grout need repair, but there's no salvaging it when you're taking out the cabinets!

From afar it does look rather clean and neat in these photos. See how good no clutter can look! The upper cabinets are being salvaged to be used elsewhere, but the lower cabinets are coming out in pieces. Bye bye white kitchen...

And look what they found underneath! Who knew? The original countertop and backsplash was 4x4 white tiles, with a navy blue diamond accent. Surprise! Double the demo here.

White tile, that's what they were using in 2000.

I hear the hammers and crow bars knocking,
more pics to come later...


  1. My c1964 kitchen got an update in 1995 and that's what they put in--white tile with blue and white tile backsplash. That reno was 2 yrs old when we moved in and finally this year we got limestone counters (but kept the cherry cabinets). It's painful but worth it in the end, no doubt.

  2. Good grief! Your life is anything but dull, isn't it? Of course, I think your kitchen looked fabulous before, but the size of those cabinets would make me crazy too. The last time we remodeled our kitchen was when we first bought this house... 24 years ago. Oddly enough, I still love it but it does have its issues.

    But oh my! You are certainly inspiring me though.


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