Monday, May 25, 2009

the blogging world: a repost

this world is huge! From what I can tell so far, it's mostly, ~ 99%, women who are bloggers. (I'm giving the men 1%, but I've never actually read a guy's blog, okay, truth be told I have read a few now).
Why do you think that is? What is this blogging world? Is it a social phenomenon?
With our new found technologies, guys have gaming and girls still have each other. Kinda like the good old days, before the Internet was invented, when women had coffee clotches and playgroups, and girls night out. I think women have always done a good job of "networking", seeking each other out to share feelings and findings, vent and brag, be there to listen and support each other through good times and bad. Now, in this new world, we have so many more ears to hear us! So many comments to give to strangers who have become our cyberfriends.
Girlpower is stronger than ever and alive online!

I looked it up and from wikipedia the definition of Blog = web log = a commentary, news or a personal diary of sorts, that combines text and images with links a must and the ability for the reader to leave a comment (my edited version of the wikipedia paragraph).
Still curious though, I've researched the history of blogging and where and when it all started. Come to find out, it was started by men! Who would'a thought! Take a look:

The Early Years

January 1994
Swarthmore student Justin Hall creates first blog ever,

December 1997
Online diarist Jorn Barger coins the term “Weblog” for “logging the Web.”

April 1999
Programmer Peter Merholz shortens “Weblog” to “blog.”

August 1999
Blogger rolls out the first popular, free blog-creation service.

January 2000
Boing Boing is born.

July 2000 launches.

February 2002
Heather Armstrong is fired for discussing her job on her blog, Dooce. “Dooced” becomes a verb: “Fired for blogging.”

August 2002
Nick Denton launches Gizmodo, the first in what will become a blog empire. Blogads launches, the first broker of blog advertising.

December 2002
Talking Points Memo highlights Trent Lott’s racially charged comments; thirteen days later, Lott resigns from his post as Senate majority leader.

December 2002
Gawker launches, igniting the gossip-blog boom.

March 2003
“Salam Pax,” an anonymous Iraqi blogger, gains worldwide audience during the Iraq war.

June 2003
Google launches AdSense, matching ads to blog content.

August 2003
The first avalanche of ads on political blogs.

September 2003
Jason Calacanis founds Weblogs, Inc., which eventually grows into a portfolio of 85 blogs.

January 2004
Denton launches Wonkette.

March 2004
Calacanis poaches Gizmodo writer Peter Rojas from Denton. Denton proclaims himself “royally shafted” on his personal blog.

December 2004
Merriam-Webster declares “blog” the “Word of the Year.”

January 2005
Study finds that 32 million Americans read blogs.

and there you have it girls... your history lesson for the day! Of course since 2005 women have surely taken over the blogging world, right?

PS... if you write a blog post and no one comments, is that like talking to yourself?

I originally wrote this after 1 month of being in the blogging world... oh my have I learned so much from all of you!


  1. I always wonder about that. But just because people don't comment doesn't mean they're not reading...right?

  2. I think of my blog as my online mom always makes mean opinions about MY blog and I'm like, "make your own &*%$## blog" and if you don't like mine "don't read it!!" But I have a strong will as you can see. Did you have scans? I have to read to see...hope all is well.

  3. With the P.S. - I always appreciate your comments! Thanks for reading mine on occasion, too!


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