Wednesday, May 13, 2009

a pinkalicious celebration!

Wednesday's are our Gal Pal golf day. Margaret and I showed up this morning and were surprised by our "pimped out birthday cart" the gals had decorated for us. Our birthdays are 11 days apart this month, and little did we know they had planned a joint celebration for us.
We had 4 foursomes that played amidst the drizzle, but a little rain didn't stop the good times. We finished up our round and headed in to lunch like we always do only to find the room all decked out in pink and black.

Margaret and I donned tiaras, boas and pearls as the birthday princesses of the day!

The birthday gifts were all heartfelt and personal... golf gags of personalized balls and coasters with our pictures on them, the finest rootbeer for M and wine for moi, "tee time" mugs, hand bedazzled hats and wine glasses... I'm proud to say the gals were all very creative!

It's been a fun birthday for me for sure... 2 days of back to back Gal Pal fun!
Thanks Gals, you truly are the greatest pals and bring so much to my life!


  1. Fun, fun!! That's the best ever!!

  2. What a great birthday party!! Looks like so much fun! xoxo

  3. Super cute idea to decorate the cart! Looks like you had a great time. xoxo

  4. What a blast. Love the cart! That would be a great tourney theme: Pink & Black instead of Black & White.

    Cheers and happy b'day!

  5. Love it! I decorated my brother's golf cart on his 40th birthday. Looks like all of you had a great time!

  6. How fun...I would get back golfing again if I had a cart like this!!!


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