Monday, May 4, 2009

puppy love: who's your fave designer mutt?

Now... I'm not a big dog person, but my first choice in the cuteness department: Dachshund and Labrador mix
love those eyes!
we had a black Dachshund growing up, and my sister now has two

okay... I have 2 Chihuahuas and my daughter has
2 Jack Russells... so this is what their offspring would look like?
Good thing we had them fixed!
A bit too rat like for me
... but... the more I look... the more it grows on me!
what's with the "so ugly it's cute" factor?

the pups above are just two of the mixed breed "designer" mutts found in this photo essay book by Amanda Jones. She's changed the names to her own whimsical version, but...
you'll know who they are.
Click on the book... take a look... and let me know what's your fave designer mutt!


  1. what about a shiba inu/husky/white shepard mix??? cutest mutt puppy by far.

  2. That chirussell thing has bat ears!! I cannot imagine a baby Sharkey/Westin looking that hideous! A Westin/Bailey might look like a gremlin though...

  3. The Neanard (St. Bernard + Neapolitan Mastiff) must be HUGE!! The Piggy (Pug + Italian Greyhound)is adorable!!!

  4. Lol! No no that is not my baby; i do not know that family I am just praying for them and want others to be praying for him.

  5. I looove the SBB! It made me cry!! Thank you for making it! I will tell the family (unless you want to share).

  6. My dog is a Lab-Chow mix. She is so cute and lovable. You are a lucky lady if your mom is going to knit some golf club covers. I have looked into that myself. I am attempting to learn to play and so far so good! I told my husband I would try if he bought me some pink clubs...He did, so now I must learn.:-) Have a great day!

  7. Awe, my parents have a "designer" dog (cough*mutt*cough) and they named him Joeytella Versace. I wish we could blame that on old age ... hehe. Xoxo-BLC


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