Friday, May 15, 2009

my dog goes to the dog park

we recently fenced a section of our lake house yard so when the grandpups come to visit, their parents can relax a bit and not have to leash them up

here are the lake house dog park rules:

no ganging up when you get rambuncious
no pouncing on the Chihuahuas
no hording the water bowl (Jax!) or the toys (Link!)
no escaping (Link and Tessa!)
and most importantly... clean up after yourselves!

and remember... the park is always open!


  1. what... no comments from Jax or Wes and Tess???

  2. I really wouldn't say Jax ever "pounced." It was more of a playful pawing. And she surely would have shared the water if anyone asked...she was just too tired to move! ;-)


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