Sunday, May 31, 2009

a relaxing lake weekend turns snake-a-phobia

Our neighbor across the cove mentioned seeing 2 snakes earlier this spring, well... we uncovered the wave runner today to find one sitting on the back, look closely below:
We were charging the battery anyway so chased it away and left to go for a boat ride and swim. We went to our favorite spot and I grabbed my raft and jumped in. Next was my husband, but instead... he stopped and said "we have company"... , on the outboard engine, right next to where I had just climbed in on the swim ladder. Hmm... I really did not want to be swimming with the snake and had to get back on the boat first before they sent this one scurrying into the water. So I got back in the boat, the whole time feeling a bit creepy and keeping an eye on our visitor for any movement. We lifted the anchor, scooted the snake off into the water and took off. We decided to try another favorite spot about a 1/2 mile away from where we were, dropped anchor and we all jumped in to relax on our tubes and float around and read, enjoying our glorious weekend weather. After ~ an hour, my husband went back to the boat and climbed aboard. Guess what he found... right! Another visitor in the engine well, eekkk! So again... Alex and I got back on, keeping an eye out for our unwelcome friend. We lifted anchor, scooted the snake into the water and took off... fast!
No more swimming after that. We went back to the dock, home on dry land, but only to find another snake on the waverunner in the same spot sunbathing. They like to sunbathe b/c they are cold blooded, great!
We sent him into the water too.
Last night as it was turning dark I decided to walk down and check everything out, only to find 2 beady little eyes looking up at me from the engine again. Ugh!
So... what type of snake is it? Non-venomous snakes are a protected species in Georgia. A $1,000 fine for messing with them. Better than it being venomous of course, but still I don't want to share my boat with them!
Now, what do we do?


  1. Excuse me, small correction to your story, I was the one to see the snake on the engine the first time with my wheres-waldo eyes.

  2. Yes, I am the wrong person to ask - my answer - kill on sight ;-) Sorry, I would not be getting in the water anymore this summer. ;-) xoxo

  3. i had my own snake scare tonight...jax was out romping around when i saw a HUGE black snake scurrying off along the fence. of course, she took off after it and i had to hysterically call for her so she wouldn't get bit. yikes!!!

  4. Back in the days when we still had our lakehouse, the only worse thing than finding a snake was finding a skin of a snake. Gave me chills down my spine. Of course, we had Bull Snakes which are harmless. But, we also had Cotton-Mouth Water Moccasins which are terribly poisonous and we also had Rattle Snakes, but at least you could usually hear them.

    After seeing snakes out in the middle of our enormous lake, I refused to go swimming after that. I made Mr. Snoots drive me around the lake while I sunbathed on the boat, lol.

    Anyway, do a Google search for snake repellent. You'll be amazed at the products available that work.

  5. the locals say: moth balls or a fake owl! Hmmm, that's easy, we'll see if it works.

  6. My golfing gal pal almost stepped on a snake one day when were walking the course. She had her best round going until we saw that snake, then she "maxed out" on the last hole. We decided there should be a "snake rule." If you almost step on a snake while golfing, you get an automatic par on the next hole.

  7. okay... so last night here at the lake house I get out of bed after reading to go to the bathroom before turning in and guess what's on the floor... a live scorpion! Eeekk! I love this place but I hate bugs and snakes!!!
    Bug House pest control you need to do a better job!


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