Tuesday, April 14, 2009

how amazing is a hole in one?!

Last week, Masters week, after attending Wednesday's practice day and watching the Par 3 Challenge ... my husband got another big treat.
He took customers to East Lake for a round of golf (this was a first for him to be able to play there). What a week for him! While playing, in the foursome behind the BIG boss, one of my husband's customers got a Hole-in-One on the par 3, hole #6!
I just think a Hole-in-One is amazing... with all the variables in golf, for the ball to actually go-in-the-hole on your drive... WOW!Anyway, drinks for all back at the clubhouse where the club presented the customer with the #6 flag as a keepsake and will add his name to the Hole-in-One plaque... yeah!
But... the big news... this week, my husband found out that the BIG boss has decided to open it up for them to take customers there anytime, for the right opportunity of course.
I'm sure my husband will find the right opportunity!


  1. Mr. Snoots had one once at our club while we were playing alone together. Uh-Huh. It really happened, but we looked everywhere before we figured out that it was in the freaking hole, lol. Club (unwritten) rules say you go to the 19th Hole & buy everyone a drink when you have a hole-in-one. When he went in, it was empty, lol.

  2. too bad Mr. Snoots didn't have an audience and a group to buy drinks for!
    My husband got a hole-in-one in Kiawah at Turtle Point, playing with my brother and sil and nephew, but I wasn't really into golf yet so I wasn't there.

  3. last night we were watching highlights of day 1 of the Heritage on HHI, and the announcers were talking about "how many hole in ones do you have"?
    The numbers were 9, 12 and 21, do you believe that??? I'm skeptical!


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