Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mystery Golf

What a gorgeous evening in Atlanta to golf! 90 golfers headed out for a shot gun scramble yesterday, many of the Gal Pals and their Guys in attendance. Here's my foursome:
You need to be way under par to win any of these scrambles and we did okay, but not good enough to place. What we did win though, was the "mystery golf" contest. We played 8 holes because of the course construction, and ended up with 4,3,3,3,2,3,3,3... quite the poker hand! And that's why we won the mystery prize, a 5 card poker hand made out of your scores, we had five 3's, and nobody beat that!
the Gal Pals in attendance. Good times had by all!
the Gals with "Gilligan" our Pro, and James, our fave waiter by far!


  1. FUN! I am hoping to get in 9 holes tomorrow after Church/Sunday School.

  2. What was the mystery prize?!

  3. The prizes were all cash. Each couple in my foursome won $60, which totally paid for our evening and then some!

  4. I always love Scrambles! Glad to hear you all won something.

    We play in the one our club holds every Thursday evening & they are always such crazy fun. By the end of the season it usually turns out that everyone has won a few times, which keeps everyone coming back.

    Your *crew* look like a great bunch!


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