Sunday, April 26, 2009

when did that happen?

black eyed Susan

girl with a black eye

That's me today after getting elbowed in the eye last night by my husband. I woke up briefly during the night to look up and see his hands behind his head, elbows up. I didn't realize at the time why I had woken up... but this morning when I looked in the mirror I put 2 and 2 together. We sleep in a king size bed at home but were away and sleeping in a queen bed. Back to the king for me... for safety's sake!


  1. OH NO! See, that's why I need a king too!

  2. Who knew sleeping could be so dangerous. My husband can hardly sleep in anything less than a king...but I'm the one smacking him. Love your blog!

  3. Oh nooooo, men....why do they move so much?! lol

    I have a king bed, isn't it great?!

  4. ouch!! Linc's clunked me on the top of the head before. Hope you're ok!!


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