Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sweet or Unsweet?

I'm a Long Island girl, down in the south now for 19 years, and
I love tea! Here in Atlanta, sweet tea is the choice of the locals. At our Easter weekend in Florida, I tried a delicious twist on iced tea, made with Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka, yum! So refreshing and delicious on a warm summer day!
Perfect to serve in my Crate and Barrel Cabo Pitcher giveaway!
check out the recipe card for
a few different variations of a good thing:... and drink responsibly!


  1. I'm another huge fan of Long Island Ice Tea, even though I've come to really like my martoonies. However, Long Islands are my choice during the day if we're out of town and out for lunch.

    And, what a lovely pitcher that is! I'll bet it would serve all kinds of goodies nicely...

  2. Yummy that sounds so good must check it out:)

  3. I am in Columbia and until it was distributed outside of Charleston people were driving down to buy it buy the case. You really can't tell that you are drinking vodka, especially if you mix it with sweet tea! Be aware, though... it can act as truth serum! LOL.



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