Wednesday, April 29, 2009

road trip... playoffs: round 2

We're on to round 2 of the ladies ALTA playoffs for my team. We ended the season with a slightly lower point average from the team we're playing tomorrow, so that means going to them.
We're playing down at the Piedmont Driving Club, in the city of Atlanta, which at the moment is undergoing a major renovation. Too bad for us, as it is one of the nicest clubs in Atlanta, or it will be once again, when they're done.
It's next to the track of land where Piedmont Park is located and the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.
The downside... driving down there with the morning traffic. The upside... I'm sure they will be very gracious hosts.
Wish us luck, I hope we kick their butts!

update: we're back home after losing this morning...
our #1, 2, and 3 positions all lost. My partner and I did start and were up 4-2, when the 3's finished. Our match was fun, we were playing great and I think we would have pulled out a win. We had a great season and have a bag tag to show for it!
Now, on to next week... and more time for golf !

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  1. Good luck!!!!
    Drink plenty of water and don't forget your sunscreen ;) xoxo


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