Friday, January 29, 2010

Accessorize with J. Crew!

The key to style is accessorizing. Layering is in style and adding a headband, jewelry, scarf, hat or belt to your outfit adds interest.
GradGirl knows how to do this well!
The "Jackie" cardigan, from J. Crew,
is a great sweater for any season.
Pair it with their matching skinny belt.
Adding a scarf is a great way to brighten your outfit
and stay warm this winter too!

see more fashion tips over at Kelly's Korner!


  1. I love her cardigans! I need to try that belt-over-cardi look.

  2. I'm certain that my midlife middle would prevent me from ever wearing the cute belt with the cardigan. However, I'm a total freak about scarves and own dozens of them. My favorites are the chiffon scarves I inherited from my MIL. I always feel like Audrey Hepburn when I wear one. Yes, I have a vivid imagination that allows me to think I look anything like Audrey Hepburn.

    And, Grad Girl looks totally fabulous in all her outfits!

  3. Well. Let me just say, I can't take my eyes off this beautiful girl and her sparkling eyes and smile. What is she wearing again? ;) xoxo


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