Thursday, January 28, 2010

what bag are you carrying?

For a GolfGal, I haven't done a post about golf in a very long time. Maybe because it's winter and our weather has been "uber" rainy, and there's not been much opportunity to golf. But... I wanted to share these great bags with you! They are lightweight, great if you want to carry, and so cute and girly!
on sale and free shipping at
That's it!
That's the one... pink plaid for GradGirl.
New to the game of golf, but you know...
a gal's always gotta look good!

C'mon Spring... we're ready anytime now!

which one is your favorite?

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  1. OH my I'm catching up with your posts and see that you too love golf..dah your blog name I had forgotten...but enjoying your posts..I posted about golfing while we were in Hawaii in Feb. and how that is how the hubs and I met, so golfing has a soft spot in my heart!


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