Monday, January 11, 2010

something to celebrate

I've talked about my friend Carolyn here before on my blog, and lastly in this post "people in our lives"Well... great news! The chemo that she has been going through, that has made her lose her hair once again, is working! The lung nodules are shrinking, one was even gone. She was so happy to get these results and we are all so happy for her!
Thank you all for all your prayers for her. Please keep it up. Clearly you all have the power, the power of prayer!

strength, hope, faith


  1. This is such happy news!

    Nurse Tilly and I are doing a conga line: "woo-hoo! yay for shrinkage! (hey!) woo-hoo! yay for shrinkage! (yeah!) ..."

  2. God Bless Her Heart. And isn't she fortunate to have you as a friend. xoxo


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