Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Baby nursery: sewing crib bedding

As the "grandma to be", and mother to the "momma to be",
I offered to make the crib bedding for my grandbaby. We chose a few beautiful fabrics in a color palette to match the wall paint of the nursery. Then I found a pattern to follow, Simplicity 3795.
I ordered cream minky and jumbo ric rac from fabrics.com, as I could not find either in my travels around town.
The crib sheet was easy... basically a rectangle with the corners cut out and sewn together, and a casing made for the elastic, so the sheet will stay on the mattress.
I measured every "ric" and "rac" and pinned it on to the center fabric to make sure it would be straight and even.
You make 2 end sections and 2 side sections, sewing all the fabrics together, and hemming it up to cover up all the seam allowances. There is a bit of hand sewing involved on the sides, but the finished sections are all neat and clean, with no seams to fray out.
You then form the pleats, 1 on each endside, 3 on the side sections. When all 4 sections are done, you sew each one to a rectangle of fabric, that will go under the mattress.
It was a lot of cutting out, using all the different fabrics, and a lot of sewing to put it all together, 2 days worth!
But... the finished product is gorgeous! I'm so pleased and can't wait to try it on the crib!
Doing this project has inspired me to get back into sewing!
I hope I have inspired you to make something DIY too, whatever your talents may be!
Let me know what you've been up to and leave a comment below...

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gettin' ready for grandbaby!


  1. I can already tell your grand-baby is going to be the most precious (and possibly most stylish) baby ever. Good luck with the preparations!

  2. How Cute! I love it! Don't you love Fabric.Com. I have ordered from there several times and they are just great. I love the colors you choose. You are going to be a wonderful grandmother!

  3. Congrats! Is this your 1st grandbaby? I'm a proud (VERY proud) grandma to a 2 yr old boy. He is the absolute light of my life!
    I'm gonna try & find your email because I'm almost done w/a toile lamb painting.
    Your daughter probably already has her nursery planned, but if not, check out my work - www.MuralMaker1.com. I have a Nursery Mural Registry where family & friends can pitch in!

  4. Fabulous. I appreciate your hard work as I also sew!! Lovely. xoxo

  5. So adorable! I am just getting rid of all my baby stuff as my baby is now 4 --- kind of sad!

  6. That is beautiful. :) Thanks so much for linking up. :)

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