Wednesday, January 6, 2010

to progress!

This is some winter we're having isn't it?! Cold everywhere... it's even predicted that we'll get snow tomorrow evening here in Atlanta, just in time for rush hour, oh boy!
So "nesting" it will be! Inside where it's warm and cozy. The baby shower plans are worked out and sewing grandbaby's nursery bedding starts tomorrow. I have 2 machines and 2 seamstresses (Grad Girl and myself) so we should be able to give it a go and accomplish something (as long as I stay out of this blog world).
Here's to projects and progress!

Thursday update: No sewing yet. It took me quite awhile to make the final decision on what fabrics would go where... but the design is finished and I did start the cutting. Tomorrow I'll be back to it!
oh and btw... we didn't get all the snow they hyped about, but it is still flurrying!


  1.'re excused from blogging for this very important task.
    Don't you love an excuse to nest, anyway?
    Can't wait to see photos:-)

  2. Please get busy so we can see the final products! I am excited! xoxo

  3. Love your new look but your blog always looks fab. Left you a long message on my blog but had to come over and say hello. Can't wait to hear about the shower and see all the final goodies. You must be so thrilled! Will you get to baby sit often you think? Stay warm. :)

  4. Good Luck! Sounds like the perfect weekend to stay inside and sew.

  5. hey Gal!
    1- super cute header — love the pink fabric frame
    2- can't wait to see grandbaby's fab bedding
    3- uh, CHEERS!!! Let's fill a BUNCH of glasses to the top!!!
    To Carolyn!


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