Wednesday, January 26, 2011

because no project can ever be too easy...

I was so excited to find that great bathroom vanity at Home Goods, I failed to notice that the opening in the back isn't centered. The door on the left has the opening for the plumbing, and then there are drawers on the right. Here lies the problem. The plumbing is centered on the wall, and the vanity needs to be centered on that small wall, but the drawers are in the way. I so wanted this to work and had to figure out how. So... we took the back off of the vanity and hooray, there was enough leeway that we didn't have to cut into the drawers themselves, but we did have to cut into the dividing panel.

A quick cut with the jig saw. Not too much harm done, and nothing visible. We were now able to connect the cold water and push the vanity up against the wall, centered. Problem averted!

Here's the new brushed nickel light fixture,
and toilet paper holder in the mirror!

I painted the old mirror that I had in there black. I'm not loving it, at all. So today I bought some silver craft paint to brush on it. But seeing it all together tonight, I've decided it's just too small for the vanity. I have an old cherry wood oval one that I'm going to try.

What I do love is the new faucet! The brushed nickel goes so well with the granite!

Now it needs the finishing touches. I have to hang the towel ring, some pictures on the walls, and find a new small rug. But not a "bathroom rug", more formal than that... because after all, it is a powder room.
Something else to shop for!


  1. it's really a "water closet" (or so says the door). haha
    i think it looks awesome! but i agree that the mirror is too small. good call on that.
    nice work on getting it to fit!!

  2. I absolutely love the look! I have 4 bathrooms that need updating. Want to come for a visit?


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