Thursday, January 20, 2011

deciding on a neutral wall color for the next decade

I've lived with Duron Plantation Beige for the last decade and now it's time for a change. February 1st we're renovating the kitchen with new cabinets and granite and tearing up the place a bit. Since all that will be new, we feel we need to paint the trim and walls on the main level and make it all new too. My house is open enough that the main level walls also go up the stairway, and those walls go down the upstairs hallway. That means that 70% of the house will be this new color I choose. Pressure right?!
I have 6 different color samples on the wall at the moment. As you go from wall to wall the lighting changes so therefore the color changes. I may like one color on one wall, but then on another wall it looks too dark or too green or too taupe. I know grays and browns are very popular at the moment but I can't go too gray or too brown because that doesn't really go with my furnishings.
I want to stay with a warm neutral color.
These two below are Behr colors, Bone on the left and Parachute Silk on the right. You probably can't tell from this photo I took at night, but Bone actually has a bit more green undertone than Parachute Silk. They're only one color away from each other, but I have found that the slightest undertone makes a big difference, especially when it's covering 70% of your house.
Today I stopped at Sherwin Williams and picked up their new mini fan deck. Quite a few colors that I may want to try... like Wool Skein, Rice Grain or Ramie.
It's a big decision and I want to get it right so I don't mind spending money on samples.
My house will soon look like a patchwork quilt!


  1. Paint color is a huge decision. I always do samples too. I know you'll pick something gorgeous and perfect! Hey since you've done the research on the baby beds, I may just go with one of the ones you picked. Have you purchased yours yet? :-) XOXO

  2. Oh I feel your pain! We are going through a remodeling right now too, and I had about 8 paint swatches on almost every wall in our downstairs for the last week until I could decide. Ended up doing Portabello (from SW) in one room, basic beige in our kitchen, and Sands of Time in our foyer. It looks amazing!

    Also, if you need granite- don't forget, my dad is a fabricator, and I am happy to get you his number. We just worked with him to pick out our bathroom vanity marble, and I can't wait for it to be installed next week!

    Can't wait to see posts as you continue to remodel. My house is a DISASTER, and I can't wait for everything to be completed so I can put it all back together again.

  3. I have no confidence in choosing colors and we need to paint so badly. I'm going to see what you do and maybe I'll just do the same because I know it will look great! :)


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