Monday, January 10, 2011

we have accumulation!

It's a winter wonderland...
so rare an occurrence here in Atlanta.
We've been getting ~an inch per hour so far,
I hope it's still here in the morning.
Where's my turtle with the frog on top?

For once the media hype happened... we actually have accumulation!


  1. So much snow for Atlanta, GA!! Ours is supposed to be on the way. Schools are already cancelled; grocery shelves are empty; we are ready! Probably won't get a flake. hehe xoxo

  2. beautiful! I'm going to say make me SO jealous. Florida is boring right now...sad but true:) Stay warm and safe!

  3. I had a dream last night that I woke up and all the snow was melted and the yards were bright green. Thankfully, it's still here! We haven't ventured out yet though-- it's been raining here on and off all morning.

  4. It looks so beautiful! However, I am a weather wimp and can't wait for the Summer.

  5. This is amazing and your photos capture the feeling so well. Sunny and in the mid to high 70's today. Snooze-ville. Enjoy the coziness. :)


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