Thursday, January 6, 2011

naked post-holiday bookshelves

When you go from all the Christmas decorations being on display
to January post-holiday back-to-normal living,
doesn't everything look a bit "naked" for awhile?
I wanted that cleaner, uncluttered look to my bookshelves
but also wanted to reuse what I have. We have a few collectible things I felt I needed to keep, like my Limoge demi tasse cups from Paris, 2 Hummel figures from the 1970's, and 2 pieces of Belleek porcelain. I actually put quite a bit away of what I used to have out. I also have a lot of picture frames I want to spray from gold/brass to either ORB or black.
I'm not sure I'm in love with these bookshelves just yet, but for now, that's all I got.
I did make use of some of the Hydrangea blooms I had added to my "HGTV tree" this year too, and kept them out in a vase or two.
I do love Hydrangeas, they feel like spring!


  1. I've been struggling ever since I had to put away Christmas and put back out what was out before. So. No. Liking. It. However, I do find it di8fficult trying to update old anyway....

    You have such a knack for accessorizing!

  2. You have such an eye for this. I am so arrangement challenged. You give me a lot of ideas except I'll have to have a print out and stand there and copy everything you do. :)


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