Sunday, January 23, 2011

we painted the powder room today, it was inevitable...

I needed to spackle and paint to cover up the old towel bar holes, so decision time... we could paint the powder room the same green it was or try a new color. I love to update and change, so we just had to try a new color of course! I went with "Pavestone" by Sherwin Williams, a medium base gray. I wanted to try gray because the granite on top has gray speckles in it and it also seems to be the "it" color right now. At first, trimming it in, I was worried it was looking purple. I was afraid to go gray for that reason, I even asked the paint guy at HD what the colors were in the mix before ordering the paint to be sure. I wanted to get the first coat on before panicking...

ta da, here it is... "Pavestone" gray

No purple undertone after all, phew!

Here it is with the speckled granite

Next step... installing the new brushed nickel fixtures. I decided to go with BN versus ORB because of the gray in the granite. All the ORB I found had copper coming through it and I didn't care for that. So, new BN faucet, light fixture, TP holder, towel holder and outlet covers to be installed... soon.


  1. Love the color!! It's gonna be gorgeous! xoxo

  2. The color is perfect! I need to do the same thing. Maybe I'll get inspired.

  3. So, is this a winner for the nursery, too? I have the same fear about purple. We're going to have to buy a ton of samples to test!
    It's looking really great. The house is going to be a totally new space the next time I visit. Can't wait to see it all!

  4. I love the vanity and the granite top--where did you find it? And did it come together w the sink?

  5. The second coat is done! Yeah!
    Newly Mrs.: We will have to paint samples since the lighting in the room is the main thing to effect the color.
    Ann: I found it at Home Goods, of all places, and it did come with the granite counter top and sink.

  6. Your gray is beautiful! The brushed nickle is going to be great with this color and the counter top.

  7. Love the color! And the sink at Home Goods? Score!

  8. I do love that color! I've spent hours at Home Depot lately, trying to pick out colors & I'm practically cross-eyed at this point.

    That is going to be a beautiful powder room!


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