Monday, October 26, 2009

TaDa! and finally... the bedroom reveal

It all started with Grad Girl moving back home...
and a dream color palette
Below is the blue toile wallpaper, two different patterns (see... in the mirror). It was there when we moved in and I loved it! I wouldn't let her talk me into changing it for 7 years! But... when she came back home after college, I finally relented.
So... we started the project and the demo of stripping wallpaper. I mean we... scored and sprayed and scraped the wallpaper. Then we washed the walls to get the glue residue off, then we primed, and spackled and sanded and primed again. Are you tired yet? We were!
But we were inspired by the "Procrastinator's Party" and stuck to our 2 week deadline. Thank you Melissa over at The Inspired Room!!! We never could have done it without you!

After 2+ weeks of prepping the walls... the next step was to paint. First we had to choose a paint color. I like to be real sure when painting and totally believe in the new "testers" you can buy. We started with 3 but still weren't totally sold on the perfect color, so... we tried 2 more.

Here are the colors we tried...

We wanted a relaxing subtle spa color to go with the bedding. Like Goldilocks and the three bears... one was too dark and one was too bright (that's how it was in the fairy tale right?), but we finally found the perfect color... "Rushing River" a Duron color we mixed into Behr paint. Calm and soothing and perfect with the Pottery Barn "Painterly Paisley" bedding!

So on to the painting...
then the 2nd coat... and finally we're done!
Then came "dressing" the room with all her stuff

We happened to find the perfect color drapes at Target

The "inspiration plates" ... a steal from HomeGoods for $3.99 each!

the jewelry nook

So... there it is! We love the color and the way it all came together. Grad Girl is thrilled with the finished room and that makes it all worth the time and effort!

what do you think?

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  1. You guys did such an amazing job! Her room looks great and I wouldn't mind spending the night to test it out!!

  2. I love the room! My room has a turquoise theme as well, a great color choice :)

  3. love it! great job. the jewelry nook is a great use of that desk and the different materials all came together so well. can't wait to see it in person! xoxo

  4. Omigosh! You did a splendid job and I adore the cool minty shades of teal with the white accents. Besides, maybe she won't feel 13 yrs old while living at home, like most of us do.

    You are such a clever lady! Cheers!

  5. Beautiful! I really like the blue that you chose for the walls. The entire room just seems so calming and comforting--perfect for a bedroom!

  6. Wow, it really turned out lovely! So perfect for a college girl returning home! She'll feel like she is on a relaxing retreat every time she enters her room. Great job, so glad you took part in the procrastinator's party!!

  7. oh wow, just right for here, she'll love it I am sure, love all the blues...and the quilt cover

    happy DIY day


  8. Beautiful! I'll bet that room feels very "peaceful" when you walk in! Great job.

  9. Lovely room. Love all the colors, bedding and accessories. Bless y'alls heart for persevering with taking down the wall paper. That is one reason why I will never put wallpaper up. Too much work to remove.

  10. So pretty! I'm sure she's thrilled!

  11. Pretty sure I wouldnt get out of bed!! Love the colors, definite eye candy!

  12. peaceful and full of bliss! Great transformation of the space. Love the wall color with the bedding. Lovely!

  13. The RL paints have some really nice textures. The blues are so pretty and even in the photos one gets the soft, sueded feeling. Calm and cheery.

  14. It's beautiful!!! Love the colors!!


  15. I love it. I liked the toile wallpaper too. This looks better. I might by this blue and test it in my living room.

  16. Wow... removing wallpaper is never turned out great though.

  17. New to your blog!

    WOW! I love the room! Although I have to say I loved the blue toile wallpaper too.:)

  18. I love the new color palette. So soothing. Love that you got your inspiration plates at HG for $3.99. Yea! :-)

    pk @ Room Remix

  19. I adore the jewelry nook! Such a calming room.

  20. Grad girl is lucky to have a mom who likes to decorate. :) It looks fab!!! I love the color palette. I'm visiting from Sarah's Before and After party. Hope you'll stop by my blog. :)

  21. Looks great, i love the beautiful blue color palette.

  22. I love that shade of blue. It looks so calm and cozy in there!


  23. It looks awesome! Totally worth the work! I love the color, too. Great job!

    I'd love for you to join my Friday link party!
    Have a great weekend!


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