Monday, December 13, 2010

every boy needs a train set

"Hey Hattie, whatya got there?"
The $2.00 train set I bought at a garage sale last summer.
All of the pieces are intact. Quite the steal!

"Choo choo"

"hmmm, what do I do with this?"

Of course... first in the mouth,
and then the train too!
Carter just happened to be wearing the right outfit that day,
or maybe his outfit made me think of it and go find it, ha!

We didn't get very far in setting up the track or the train.
No wonder... it does say 3+ years. So, we put it away to try again next year.

Don't worry C,
Santa has some age appropriate gifts for you on his sleigh. Just you wait!



  1. Oh yeah, he knows what to do with that!

    We got your pretty Christmas card today! Everyone looks gorgeous.

  2. Awwww - we must get our grands together for a playdate!! xoxo

  3. The box! I bet he wanted the box. :) He will love those trains very soon.

  4. We still have the Brio trains from our boys just waiting for those grandchildren - hopefully very far off in the future! Carter will love it in the next few years. You're the best gram!

  5. Carter is so precious! What a great way to spend getting ready for Christmas! You are blessed!


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